Friday, October 5, 2012

Crazy 2 weeks

So...... I procrastinated at waited almost another week before posting. I think it's because last Friday I was planning continuing to go full bore at the gym. I had lost 3 lbs yay..... Well I threw out my back moving my husband truck box. He warned me it was heavy and to just "let it drop" but once it reached the end of the truck bed and as soon  as it started to go what happened? I didn't let go and went with it......OUCH. So the gym was out. Through the week I gained the 3 lbs back.....grrrrrr ( the cake and pie I made for my hubby's birthday didn't help) well after a trip to the chiropractor I'm feeling way better and went on a 2 mile walk with another mom. Had great conversation and it made walking enjoyable. Happy to report I weighed myself today and down 2.5 lbs. so if I avoid the leftover cake staring at me from the fridge with its xray death ray, I think I can keep up the start to my weight loss......wish me luck!

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