Sunday, October 7, 2012

Start of something new: my 14 day challenge

I was walking through the mall yesterday and walked by GNC. I just wanted to browse so I walked in. The sales guy walked up to me and asked me what I was looking for? ( he could probably see the overwhelmed look that took over my face) I asked him what he recommended to jump start my weight loss. He showed me a few products but then started asking me probing questions. He was observant and noticed I had a 6 week old baby with me. He said, well before we get into all that's on the shelves lets hit the basics. Do you excersise? Yes I just started, I go about 3 times a week currently. Next he asked me how's my diet, he cued in then to my newborn and asked do you forget meals? How'd he know..... I can barely remember to get dressed out of sweats let alone trying to remember to eat breakfast. He said well I don't want to set you up or reccomend something where you have to remember like 10 pills a day so lets start from square one. EATING & EATING RIGHT!

So he showed me the lean shake they offer at there store. It seemed like an easy start for me. I said I'd think about it and I would come back after shopping. I then waked out and went over to vitamin world. I like to shop all my opions first. They recommended pills, a green coffee been thing and some sort of liquid that honestly looked like cough syrup. He recommended to take the "cough syrup" once in morning on an empty stomach.... So I walked around the store reading the is whe I left without bying, I read the label t said take twice a day and NEVER take on an empty stomach.... I don't like when I get instruction that are absoultly opposite from the label. So i left and went back t GNC. I bought the lean shake 25. So It came with a 14 day diet and excersise plan. Basically it has you work out 4 times a week you do a little cardio and switch between upper and lower body workout. ( that's what I already do yay! Next it was a detailed meal plan but basically tells you to have 5 meals a day.... ( that's advice we've been hearing for years in the diet world) so I think if I actually set my mind on it I can totally do this!

Here is my plan:
          Lean shake & fruit for breakfast (7am)

          Mid morning snack (10am)

         Lean shake and fruit for lunch (12pm)

          Afternoon snack (3pm)

         Dinner ( no idea what I'm doing here but I'm going to work on portion control here) (6pm)

** for snacks I'm going to rotate : granola bars, fruit, vegi, yogurt type items


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